Goldenbean is the worlds largest roasters competition, competitors submit coffees in various categories to be judged by their peers for their roasting ability. 

To become the Overall Golden Bean Champion, and take home a custom Reg Barber made Golden Bean Trophy, roasters need to enter a coffee into three categories. The combined scores of all three coffees are calculated to crown the champion.

Espresso -  a ratio of 1:2, 20g in basket with a yield of between 40-43g and a 25-28 second extraction split into two shots

Milk-Based - Same settings as Espresso with a 6oz takeaway cup, Hood Whole Milk

Filter - 500ml (17 fl. oz) of filtered water, 30g filter ground – Medium, 92°C (198°F), 45 seconds bloom, that will yield 2 x 225ml (17.6 fl. oz) cups of coffee +/- 5%

        2022 Goldenbean Champion Terry Masikewich

This years event was held in Columbus, Ohio.

Columbus is the historic state capitol of Ohio founded in 1812, and has one of the largest universities in North America – Ohio State University - which hosts students from all over the world. The city is diverse in culture and landscape, and is conveniently located, making it ideal for running a coffee event.

This year in attendance there will be over a 100 coffee professionals along to help judge the estimated 1000 coffees from around North America.

Plus, the 2022 Golden Bean Overall winner will be flown over to Hawaii to compete in the World Series!

The Winning Coffees 

Espresso - Gold Medal - Kai's Surprise 

Filter - Silver Medal - Paully's Special Sudan Rume

Pour Over - Silver Medal - Kai's Surprise