Janson Coffee Farm lot 137 Geisha
Janson Coffee Farm lot 137 Geisha
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Janson Coffee Farm lot 137 Geisha

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FARM: Janson Coffee Farm
TASTING NOTES: Floral, Mandarin, Orange, Cherry.

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Total Score: 90 points

Janson coffee plantations have an average altitude between 1,350 and 1,700 masl. They are located on the slopes of Tisingal and Baru volcanoes, which are part of the Talamanca mountain range in the Chiriqui highlands, providing unique climate and terroir to grow our coffee.

Our hand-selected Single Origin Geisha is processed and stored with the utmost care, always innovating by using artisan and custom modern wet and dry processing methods.

Available in 50g or 250g bags.