Maho Matcha Elixir
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Maho Matcha Elixir

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We use only premium grade Japanese Matcha, ensuring the best Matcha experience. The story of Matcha is steeped with culture, ritual and intrigue. It inspired us to create an Elixir that’s still distinctively Matcha, but with subtle background herbal notes to round out the flavour. We think it’s a perfect modern fusion of flavours for the uninitiated mainstream while still preserving the excellence of the tea itself. 


Our Elixir has a high tea content to give flavour, mouthfeel, colour and substance. Best of all, as with all our Elixirs this product is gluten free, dairy free, vegan, GMO free and made right here in Australia from only premium local and imported ingredients.


Our Maho Matcha Elixir is an authentic blend of 100%, pure, premium Japanese Matcha from growers in the ancient prefecture of Kyoto,Shizuoka, (where Mt. Fuji stands) and Mie regions.